Using bing translator or Google translate?

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In online business, especially a business paid review, we as a blogger who wants to savor the sweetness of the dollar is claimed to be able to speak English is good especially in the grammar. There are many online business that demands we mastered the English language are international, i.e. is the business of paid links (text link ads, infolink, linkworth), business paid review (buyblogreviews, sponsoredreview, reviewme), affiliate programs, selling domain, flipping websites and much more.
Therefore, as the Indonesian difficulty mastering the English language to advanced. But for this problem we are required to master English with good especially in writing. Why do I say? Because we communicate with advertisers with written via email or through a broker.

For those of you who are English-speaking difficulties mainly in grammar can utilize two search engines are competing to be the best that google translate and bing translator. Both provide services to translate the language that I think is pretty good. You can assess how results from the second search engine to translate.

The first is google translate. As a comparison I make a text extract of the article, with google translate the result like this:

google translate

Bing translator address here. The results translate from bing translator with the same article is as follows:

bing translator

So you can assess the search engine what can give the best results to translate languages from all over the world. The choice depends upon all of you, which is the most accurate.

You need to know that this article I translate using bing translator, pretty good right?

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